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This blog is an opportunity for like-minded readers to post their comments and responses about America’s misuse and abuse of the constitution, the Congress, the Executive Branch, the World Court, the United Nations, etc. to further its quest for hegemony. I welcome all opinions, pro and con, the more controversial the better.
I love this country but the government has engaged in a revolution by taking the power of the people away from the people. We have a problem…We can’t stand by and do/say nothing or this country will lose its empire, as did the French, the Germans, the Romans, the Persians, etc. etc. You get my drift.
In order to maintain credibility and status in the world, this problem is not a black problem or white problem, but a problem for humanity here and abroad.



1. browneyedgirl - August 23, 2008

Hello Tetrahedron:
Your blog sounds interesting…I agree that under this present administration the American people have lost the ability to hold their government accountable. What pisses me off the most is Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to allow the Senate to impeach Bush. He’s nothing short of a criminal, and a hyprocritical one at that. His audacity at chastising Russia for “invading a sovereign nation” is outrageous! Why hasn’t the media jumped all over this? The Bill of Rights gives us the right to criticize the government without repercussions but you wouldn’t think so, what with the lack of news stories regarding his comments. Even worse, the American people have been silent throughout this administration’s hijacking of the constitution…whatever happened to protests in the street, marches, etc? Have we resorted to being a nation who keeps its head in the sand or do we believe we have no influence over what our government does?

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