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Women Be Warned: Silence Gives Consent March 22, 2012

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Republicans running for elective office at the state and national levels infuse their campaign rhetoric with cries to “Get government out of the way!”  They decry the Affordable Healthcare Act,  derisively referred to as “Obamacare”, claiming that it puts government between you and your doctor. Yet, state legislature after state legislature  is introducing bills that puts state government between women and their doctors, like the ultrasound bill recently introduced and signed into law in Virginia. Granted, legislators backed off the transvaginal ultrasound mandate and revised the bill to require  the “less intrusive” abdominal ultrasounds, but the fact that an ultrasound is MANDATED still makes the law intrusive…it takes away the woman’s right to make that decision with her doctor. Is this not putting government between a person and their doctor?

The House Oversight Committee in Congress recently held a hearing on the Affordable Care Act focusing on the requirement for employers to provide contraception as part of their healthcare plans and they deliberately excluded women from testifying in the process. There were four Congresswomen on that panel and only two of them took a stand and walked out…why did the other two stay? No female witnesses were allowed to testify yet two women stayed on that committee…did they not feel the same outrage that Eleanor Holmes Norton and Carolyn Maloney felt?

White Republican males are engaging in warfare against women’s health at all levels of government and women, as a group, are strangely silent. Many of these republicans (lowercase letter used deliberately) are presumably married to women, have daughters and most importantly, were carried for nine months in the womb of a woman…how could they be so disdainful of women? What makes them think that it’s ok for them and the government they so eloquently rail against when undermining Obama, to make these decisions for women?

The way to put an end to all of this nonsense is for the wives (and girlfriends) of these anti-women legislators to “hold an aspirin between their knees” and refuse  access to their vaginas! Let’s see how long they continue this assault on women’s health when they’ve gone a few weeks without p****, including that which they pay for!

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