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That an electio… February 2, 2012

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That an election of any type can be purchased by an individual or a group of individuals on the behalf of another individual, is an immorality of this electoral system. Buying elections today has become as common as what Pete Rose did in baseball or Marion Jones did in track and field. The effect that the big money spent on campaigns has on this “democracy” and the voting public is the same effect Congressman Bill Brewster’s union-busting “right-to-work” legislation had on Oklahoma unions. Super pacs from every industry (except of course, labor) contributed to his campaign coffers, buying his influence. It raises the same rhetoric: why are the Republicans hell bent on this path? Is it for the good of the country, to maintain their status quo or to satisfy those on the right? It’s all about power and control…so you gotta wonder: when all this super pac money is flowing in, who’s deciding the election? The answer is the elections are decided by the one who has the most money, regardless of where that money comes from. When these GOP candidates receive wads of money from who knows where, it is no longer an election by the people, for the people…it is an election by the haves and have mores for the haves and have mores.


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