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Reviews for “The World is NOT Your Oyster! America: The Lost Empire” by Bernard Ball and Bridget McCoy May 5, 2011

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Compelling and Thought Provoking, April 30, 2011

By Rachel   Posted on Amazon.com 

This book is a compelling read as it offers a fascinating perspective on the state of our nation. The point of the book is to provide enough information to provoke thought in readers so they can make their own decisions and bring about change. It is written as a call to action for people to join the grassroots movement fighting to keep the United States from what the authors see as a downward spiral of decline and eventual collapse. Whether you agree with the authors or not, it is an interesting read. This is a book for those wanting to protect their families and their country, make their own decisions and feel empowered to do something. The arguments are at times controversial, but they are thought provoking. The book can be overly ambitious as it attempts to encompass many issues occurring in our nation, such as youth, religion, 9/11, the economy, race, politics, and parenting to name a few. A more effective approach would be to focus on fewer key issues. However, I think it would make an outstanding addition to the bookshelf of any lover of the social and political sciences and one who values various perspectives. I look forward to future books by these authors.

This review is from Goodreads.com:

The book blew my mind!! It sums up the thoughts and actions taken to put the USA into the “still current” state of mind. But more to the point, it shows us what we have to do to become UNITED in this great country.

Keep the faith B, there are tons of people just like us out there, that just need an avenue to see and walk down.

The book shows us that we all need to join hands in the saving of our nation. This is not only physically, but spiritually, in our day to day actions. We are all brothers and sisters and this book shows us exactly that.

Well done!!!!
Victoria (aka Tori)

A fast, riveting read you won’t put down! by yvette59  (posted on barnesandnobles.com)

Posted June 15, 2010, 2:27 PM EST: The World is NOT Your Oyster was interesting from the first page. The tone of the book is as if you were sitting down with the authors and having a conversation. I think this is what will make this book appeal to readers of all ages. The reader will learn a lot about what goes on in this country that everyday Americans are not aware of…kind of like a behind the scenes look at how the power brokers, including government leaders and corporate owners, have set up this country to be their personal banking system, leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves. While reading this book, I was taken on an emotional roller coaster as I reacted to things the authors were presenting. I felt angry, I laughed, I felt powerless and I felt compelled to do something to tell people about what is going on and what has happened to this nation over the decades. It was scary to think about America going the way of the Roman empire, but as the authors say, if we don’t do something to change things around we will cease to exist as an international power. The authors present some pretty controversial and provocative points of view that require the reader to have an open mind because afterward, you will say “I never thought about it that way, but it makes sense.” I think that is what I liked most about this book, is the way it is written and that the authors provide a list of other books for the reader to learn more about certain topics in the book. I just wish it were longer and had more detail on some of the events they described, but I guess that’s why they provide the reading list at the end. The authors say that the purpose is to make people think and find out stuff for themselves, and that is what this book has made me do.

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