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Do you think Obama is doing a good job as President? March 15, 2011

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1. tetrahedron - May 4, 2011

Well Benngunn, you made a good point, however, you can’t legislate morality. As a Black man, there are things that Obama does that I disagree with but as the President of ALL there are decisions he has to make that impact the masses and that not all of us, regardless of racial affiliation, will agree with. I do believe that there have been issues that he could have taken a more forceful stance on, seeing as how he holds the highest office in the land, but then again, those of us in the know are aware that he is just a puppet of the Shadow Government, as was Bush, and he (Obama) knows it…read my book The World is NOT Your Oyster! America: The Lost Empire to learn more. Since you sound like an intelligent gentleman, I’d like to read your opinion about the book…

2. benngunn - May 3, 2011

No I think he should do something about the gas prices and the economy and repent of his ideas about abortion and gay rights

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