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AP Writing Style July 31, 2010

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While doing some background work for my next book,  I happened upon the AP Style Book used by newspaper writers and discovered that they do not capitalize the words Civil Rights Movement. Other important movements and  events in America’s history are capitalized, such as The Great Depression and the American Revolution.  They claim to capitalize popular names, such as the Indy 500…is not the Civil Rights Movement a popular name? It was a defining moment in America’s history, but I suspect this is one more subtle act of determination to marginalize Black people. It just goes to prove my point that Black people in America will never be respected because our freedom is by constituted authority, and white people will never respect constituted authority. This is what the Tea Party movement is all about, as so eloquently put by Rand Paul…the desire to return to the days of old, when America was run by all white men, who were born free as God intended all men…even men of color.  (My use of the term “men” does not exclude women, as the constitution did).

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