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Black History, What…? February 6, 2009

Posted by tetrahedron in Uncategorized.

Of all the things, why do we need a month for black people to be recognized for their contribution to america? If black people can have a month out of the year to honor and appreciate their deeds, then why can’t white people have one; too! And if you feel that others have not made a contribution to our society, collectively speaking, for the sake of “American change” let’s stop the nonsense, the brow beating, and the hypocritical blundering , where you gotta have a day for this and a day for that, hell, it means nothing if some-body’sgotta tell ya when to acknowledge someone for the good they’ve done, or the bad, and if you’re going to acknowledge some, you shouldn’t be so hypocritical and undermine the accomplishments of others. They too, have made their contributions and have feelings as well. if you are one that’s bothered by the illegitimacy and the hypocrisy of our democracy, then let me hear from you, or am I the only one with the ability to see how this climate… hurts us as a nation, and a people.   Are you willing to take a stand and be ostracized whether you are black  or white or any other color on the color spectrum.

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