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The Big 3–Scam Artists Gone Wild! December 6, 2008

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Hello Mr. President and Vice- Hope you guys are watching what you eat and getting good physical activity in…Oh! about that pickup game:). Anyway, I want to suggest about the Big-3 auto industry; or the now scam artist gone wild. Now that we’ve solved that problem by not allowing them to continue going against what the new administration wants and what President Obama has been wanting to bring in to fruition, I applaud you. These ceo’s have played their games long enough and now the party’s over and they don’t know when to stop drinking as though they’re not drunk enough. This is the best way to get these Hybrids out there on the road and at the same time create that job market by building those hybrids and fixing the ozone and all that jazz; its falling right in to your hands Mr. President, now let the chips fall where they may. The taxpayer wants to see all of the things your platform represented during the long grueling CRUSADE:) come forward, we say let them go so that we can reconstitute our economy by building from the ground up as you said. The Bush administration has really broken this country by destroying the small business/ mainstreet economy. We can get it back right now…by not giving any more anymore TARP ( our tax dollars) to these money grubbing, lying, cheating,theiving bastards of the human race. We seriously need to stick to the plan. Wallstreet should have never been allowed to get that money, and paulson should be investigated…no strings attached,no oversight , no regulatory or trust agreement, just here you go and there it it went and we as taxpayers can’t even get a loan or any kind of help. Now, my grandmother taught me that two wrongs don’t make a right. Congress screwed up when they gave money to Wall Street, they screwed up when they gave money to AIG, they screwed up when they gave money to Bears & Stearrn and now they are getting ready to screwup again in considering to bail out the 3 automakers. If the CEOs returned the equivalent of 50% of their $16 million multi-annual compensation, they would have the money needed to do (WHAT??) to save their companies. It’s not their companies they want to save, it’s their lifestyles and those of their stockholders that they’re trying to save. This money won’t save the jobs of the auto ASSEMBLERS ( I say assemblers and not makers because the cars are not MADE in America, they are only ASSEMBLED in America), as evidenced by the recent announcement of thousands of pending layoffs.

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