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Billiary Clinton: A Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde November 20, 2008

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     Slick Willy’s Wonka


The Clinton Administration was involved in protecting CIA-sponsored shipments of arms to the Iran Contras and of cocaine from Colombia, through the Mena, Arizona airport.  Could the Republicans get him on that? Not! Because that could lead back to them (a la Oliver North) and George H.W. Bush, the real kingpins of the 80’s crack trade.   Mena became Clinton’s ticket to the Whitehouse. How? See, Clinton had the goods on Bush and Bush had the goods on Clinton; with their shared secret, they knew one wouldn’t rat out the other. Clinton could then become president and could be trusted not to take  the lid off the October Surprise. He could have used the Bush regime’s war crimes in Central America and Iraq, the dealings with Saddam prior to his invasion of Kuwait, the CIA drug business.  What Bush had on Clinton his connection to the gateway for Colombian drugs to enter the US via the airport in Mena.


However, the Republicans still hated Clinton and wanted to bring him down, which they tried with a dance called Whitewater.  But they knew that taking Slick Willy down with Whitewater also meant that Bush 41 would have to go down. They needed an alternative and choose to do an expose about Clinton’s dick, which became fodder for the puritan right wingers.

Having the world revolve around the O.J. Simpson trial was not enough, the  scandal achieved the exact results it wanted and that was to; have Americans stoop to its lowest point in the crusade to stupefy the minds of Americans                                

For his full term as President, the Republicans wielded old Dipshit “Wild Bill” s dick as an alternative for their own lack of seeable politics and the media played along.

Wild Bill could have just ended the whole Lewinski scandal simply by saying “none of your business who sucks my dick or who I screw.”  Any self-respecting person would have done that…instead of “I did not have  sex with that woman” he chose the hijacking of his own dick!


But that would not have appeased the media. After the Starr Report was presented to Congress on 9/11/1998,  Clinton needed to set in motion a distraction from the Republican’s and the media’s obsession with his sexual exploitations and the bombings of the US Embassies in Africa provided just the vehicle.  In retaliation for the bombings that occurred in August, CIA Director George Tenet selected three targets for Clinton to consider: 1.  A pill factory in Sudan that was unrelated to the terrorist attacks;  2.   A base in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan that was not training Al-Qaeda but rather Pakistani fundamentalists, and 3. Was a base that Osama Bin Laden was camped out but had just left 1-day before US forces came in.  Bill Clinton and Hillary are some of the most notorious criminals in modern day history, someday they will have to answer to the death of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and 34 others that died in a so called plane crash in Croatia. If you will; please read a piece from Jack Cashill as he knows it and how he tells of the relationship between Bill Clinton, Enron and Ron Brown’s death. Ron Brown was to be Bill Clinton’s successor after Clinton’s first term, and Clinton knew it . He was the original Barack Obama, because he would’ve been the first black president. Through his position as the Secretary of Commerce, he had many dealings with foreign leaders and was versed in foreign policy. His integrity and compassion was highly respected both nationally and internationally.  

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