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Africa! Is it The next Iraq? November 18, 2008

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 As the dynamics of world trade resuscitates  considerable interest in the discovery of oil in Africa, the United States government has reasserted its interest in and quest for  control over  what it claims to be the most powerful and useful resource in the world. The United States has already put the wheels in motion for war with Africa since the recent discovery of oil.  Currently, there is fighting going on with Zimbabwein rebels against US corporations over oil, because Zimbabwe refuses to do business with the US— there is a lack of trust in the US when it comes to honesty and integrity over oil in this Bushit administration.  There is more oil in western Africa than in all of the Persian Gulf.  The U.S. has stationed ships off the west coast of Africa to establish a military presence, signifying the financial interest that America has as part of its strategic plan for piracy and tactical overthrow, which is what the U.S. has been conjugating for a long time, dating back to when the real “Tricky Dick” Cheney was Chairman and CEO of Haliburton.   To illustrate the basis for these statements…  (1) United States national energy policy according to a report from Vice President (Tricky Dick) Richard Cheney confirms that Africa would be the fastest growing oil source for the United States; (2) In February 2002, Walter Kansteiner, Assistant Secretary of State for African affairs stated “African oil has become an appealing national strategy for the United States”. 

   In 2003, according to United States security analyst Michael Klare, there were several warnings given concerning Washington’s potential implication on the African continent with regards to where the next oil conflict will be after Iraq.  Of course, if America selects another oil family as they’ve done in the past with other oil magnates, this is surely without doubt a clear cut sign. Bush and Clinton politics of war will be fought on the shores of Africa which would then involve China as a major component…  This is the only interest the United States has in being in Africa.  The United States has been there for nearly seventy five years on what Americans call peacekeeping missions, but Africans are dying of hunger and disease in the same record numbers today as they have in the past, all under the watchful eye of United States

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