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Is America Ready For A Black President? November 5, 2008

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Is  America Ready for a Black President? (Dumbass in the White House)


As we look at the polls for presidential candidates one poll reads” Is America ready for a black president” “Is America ready for a female president?” It’s that kind of climate that lets us know that America has serious problems…to think that a white male is the only one that has the capacity to lead or serve as commander-in-chief, regardless of  how dumb he is, (i.e. in the case of current lame dummy(my emphasis is on the lame and dumbass part of that). There was no poll to ask, is America ready for a dumbass? Or a retard?; just give us a white man no matter how mentally challenged he is …as long as it’s not a Black man or a Woman.  No!there was no poll to ask that question. Cheney and his cronies would not have been able to achieve their objectives of robbing the American people or crash landing the economy if there was an independent thinker in the White House; they just felt it is better to let a dumbass run the country and the world rather than somebody that really had some smarts about them, rather to let a woman or a Blackman take it for a try, after all, Rome was not built in a day and this country and its government was not built right the first time.

A little known fact is that there has already been 5 black presidents (read J.A. Rogers’ The Five Negro Presidents). There are sworn affidavits and historical references to support this claim.

We know that none of the thirty eight others (white) making all the decisions in governing these united states while mixing abroad their western influence, have been successful at solving the serious problems that America  has; under the  “White” man all he has done with that power is abuse, control,  manipulate, oppress, suppress ,depress and start wars and rumors of war; having mastery over the air with his airplanes and having dominion over the creeping thing by ruling with his armies , while at the same time having dominion over and under the sea with his navy ships. His only desire is to control everything and everybody, and he’s still not satisfied.

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