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HIStory is Just Beginning! November 5, 2008

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Now that Barack has been elected president by a landslide and has received a mandate to govern, (yes, a mandate, having earned more popular votes than any presidential candidate in history) we must be careful not to let the media excoriate him for what he “doesn’t do”. He ran on the platform that this government belongs to the people and as such, we, the people must stay active in holding our representatives accountable. Barack is one person, and just like he didn’t win without us, he can’t be successful in his programs without us. We must remember that the government exists BECAUSE of the american people, not the other way around. We must stay involved and informed and be ready to support the programs that Obama puts forth. It is inevitable that the media will eventually turn into his worst critics, dogging his every move and holding unrealistic expectations for him to solve all the world’s problems in four years….we must be vigilant to not let that happen. Obama is AMERICA”s president, not just Black America’s president. Just as people from all races, creeds and religions supported his campaign, these same people must stand behind him and support his administration. What will you do?

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