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The Revolution will not be Televised September 29, 2008

Posted by tetrahedron in Uncategorized.

The revolution will only not be organized, it won’t be televised either, as those in the past, this will be not trying to re-create, create, or make a system work within the confines of what has been or how it was done in the past, the revolution will not be black against white, male against female, nor will it be mother against daughter or father against son, the revolution will be rich against the poor and that will not be organized nor will it be televised. Just like the government of this country turns a blind eye to any and everything that challenges the status quo unless it hits them in the pocket book,  then and only then will they begin to fight or address that issues but only using the system that your present day government have in place and when you work a system within a system and call it a revolution then you missed the whole opportunity to either initiate a drastic change by redefining the very nature of how one should go about the REVOLUTION,as it will not be televised or ORGANIZED by this government as you know it.   

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