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Pelosi August 24, 2008

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Hello Browneyed girl ! very interesting point you make… why Pelosi refused to allow impeachment? Well, it’s nothing short of her saving the hides of the majority of congress, being brought up on charges, as well; Because they ‘ve allowed this administraion to do whatever they wanted…Because they all had a common goal and that was, and is, to…Have this war with Iraq and Afghanistan to control their oil and resources for their own selfish and personal gains, and to hell with the people and the Constitution. and what Bill of Rights?




1. browneyedgirl - August 24, 2008

I agree that the war with Iraq was purely for the personal gain of Bush, Cheney and their cohorts and under the guise of “national security” they have trashed the US Constitution, but they couldn’t have gotten away with any of their shenanigans without the consent of Congress…we all know that silence and/or a failure to act is to imply consent. It will be interesting to see whether the Obama administration brings charees against the Bush Administration. What would be even better would be to see some of our “allies” band together and bring them before the World Court as war criminals…

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